Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring at last!

Apparently I went into hibernation for the winter, but now I'm back and feel like writing again. I do this every winter. Maybe a sun lamp would help? Ah well. Life is no fun if you're predictably happy.

Let's see. This is more a collection of the things running through my head, but we'll see where it goes.

1) There have been sirens everywhere these past two weeks. It sounds like the city is a grumpy teen repeatedly hitting snooze on the wailing alarms. You hear them at night, echoing off the buildings and they are the first thing I hear most mornings. I don't live near a hospital. It's strange and a little unnerving.

2) I have discovered a data analysis program and I'm having way to much fun. I am contemplating making questionnaires to give my friends, just to see what strange results I get. It's too easy to hunt for patterns if the software makes it simple. I can't help thinking I'll eventually find a pattern I don't want to see.

3) As another round of classes ends, I find myself wondering how the people around can be satisfied with their own thought processes. It has never occurred to me that failure is an option, not in grad school, and it seems strange that it has to them. If I'm doing that badly, I just assume I need to work harder. Don't you?

That's it for now. Someday I'll post something more coherent. Promise.