Hello again!

The Blog Name

Several friends have asked me about the blog name, so I thought I would add an explanation.  Yes, it is a reference to Ockham's Razor, because I originally started this ages ago and was writing about public health topics.  I still get some joy out of the name (and the tenet), so I'm not changing it!  

I suppose now it is more about walking a fine line trying to find balance in my life between work and play and the many things I love. 

About Me

This blog is really an homage to how much I love my crafty, creative, talented family and how grateful I am that I grew up with the idea that if I can't find it, I can make it.  I'm a little behind the eight ball here, since I just turned 30 and bought my first sewing machine! 

I have two wonderful women to call for assistance any time I am stuck, and on this blog they are very simply Mom and Grandma. (For example, like when it took me a week to realize that threading my machine is easy - that's a hook not hole you have to wrangle the thread through on the thread take-up lever.  They were nice enough to not even laugh at me when I was thrilled to figure that out.)

I work in public health policy and I love my job, but it does create some level of stress and feeling thwarted that creating and crafting magically eliminates.  There is nothing like coming home and making something beautiful that you can hold in your hands and show off to your friends to fix any frustrating day!  Hooray for visible and concrete accomplishments! :)

You will also quickly realize that I'm an insomniac and midnight crafter - almost every photo on here will be taken with the flash and terrible surrounding lighting.  I need to get some kind of super-bright lamp to fix that problem for you! But hey, if I'm going to be awake at 2am, I might as well be making something beautiful, right?

I realized while trying to write this that I don't actually have a good picture of myself, so I will give you one of my beautiful dog instead.  (I'm pretty sure he's prettier than me anyway. And definitely more of a ham for the camera!)  Since I sew in my living room, he will be at the edges of pretty much any photo I post anyway! (Or at least some poor stuffed toy that he has torn to pieces will.)

Yes, my dog is wearing a party hat for his first birthday.  That lasted about 5 minutes and then was eaten. Also - I do actually own real chairs, just not enough for parties.

Enjoy the projects!

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