Saturday, February 23, 2013

Space Invaders Quilt - Progress!

Hello Again, 

I have finally made some more progress on the Space Invaders quilt.  All that cutting of black fabric took forever!  I was really excited to move on and make some progress, so honestly I still have a whole bunch of cutting to do on the background. 

I have a small table, so I use a sheet on the ground to lay out the pieces.  I laid out the first few rows (there's a mistake here, but I fixed it).

Then I divided them up into pairs and pieced those together.  There were once pictures of those, but I had a memory card debacle and lost all the photos of the piecing process.  I had these very pretty chains of pieces, which I got all out of order when I cut them apart. Silly of me, huh?

I then had this mess to put back in order:

It wasn't hard, just a little annoying to sit down and figure out what should go where (annoying only because I had already done this part).  

See that missing top corner piece?  Casey is not a good quilting helper.  While I was sewing, he made off with one of the pieces and happily pulled out the seam for fun. (Weird dog.)

I was very please with myself about putting these all in order, so I went to grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen and Casey decided to help again.

He was very confused by my walking back in going "No, no no!!" and then thought he wasn't allowed to chew on his bone.  We had a minor crisis.  Note to self: make sure never to leave the room with quilt squares on the floor! (And poor Casey.)

Up next - a quick interim project I did one evening.

Till next time, 

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